Hello, my name is Kendall Elizabeth Klein.

I am a young lady that comes from a small town in Washington state. The day after I graduated from high school, I graduated from the running start program with my associate’s degree.

While attending the University of Washington, I started selling my old clothing to pay bills. I ended up turning this into a business and created The Pacific Northwest Boutique; an online ladies clothing boutique.

After graduating with a degree in communications and marketing, I randomly moved to Arizona. Here I have started a career, found the love of my life, adopted a puppy and have my own home.

Due to my love of business, I have always been able to afford my life passions; exploring, fashion and fitness. Being an entrepreneur is a lifestyle all its’ own.

For years I have had people telling me to create a blog to help others pursue their goals and find ambition.Thus, the Ambitions of Being a Blonde was born.

Why the name choice? Growing up, I was told that I would never amount to anything because I was blonde, skinny and attractive. People told me that the only was I would have money or success is if a married a man with it. I made it my life goal to prove the world wrong and change the stereotype of a “blonde”.

The purpose of this blog is to bring together ambitious women and young ladies that want to grow and fulfill their dreams and passions. To help them achieve a lifestyle that they want and successful tools from each one of my passions. The blonde, is just simply a part of my life story.

Love Always,

Kendall Elizabeth XOXO

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