You Need Spotify

You Need Spotify

If you are a true music lover, I would highly suggest that you dump Apple and switch to Spotify. There is no bias to this, because I have had ITunes all my life and have an IPhone, but still find Spotify to be the best. It is not just because of the access you get to so much music, but all of the concerts that I get exclusive access to. I bet you didn’t know it could do that for you, did you?

I have a serious passion for music and have a few thousands of song, like most people my age. That means when I was younger I did download LimeWire and give my computer the biggest virus ever, just to get some free tunes. Back then Apple did not have a subscription service and would make you pay for each individual song. So I only had a few purchased ones. After the crash of LimeWire, I stumbled upon MP3 Rocket. If you know this one, you would also know that it took FOREVER to find quality songs. I did also have a Zune for a little while, which offered one of the first music subscriptions. But, it was too ahead of its’ time and failed. Then in college, I was introduced to Spotify.

College kid are flat out broke. Subscription services are not something that they can easily afford. So of course, the free version was the only option. I was very happy with this though. It had minimal commercials and I could choose what I wanted to listen to! This was something I have always hated about Pandora and to a lesser extent, IHeartRadio. I did end up breaking down and paying for monthly, but at $9.99 a month, what was the big deal?

Let me just jump right on in and tell you why I think that it is such a great app. First of all, you have complete customization. You can create radio stations based off of songs or artists, browse genres, see top charts, other popular playlists and even podcasts. The difference from Apple is that there is much more content. If you want to listen to a local band, someone up and coming or even something niche and not so popular, I can bet you that Spotify has it. I even tested this, because my boyfriend has an Apple account. A good chunk of my hard rock bands would not even appear in the search, and some of them are actually pretty well known!

The next reason why it rules, besides the fact that it has been around longer in subscriptions and has worked out almost all the kinks, Spotify offers a variety of prices. Apple decided to copy this of course. There is the student discount plan, the premium plan and the family plan. Spotify still does offer a free plan too though! The cool thing is that with the family plan, unlike Apple, you do not have to have Icloud storage or sharing to use it. You can actually even sign up your friends so you guys can cut the costs even cheaper. Plus, some jobs even offer Spotify premium for free! When I worked at Starbucks, they paid for it for every one of their employees.

Another cool thing is that Spotify just partnered up with Hulu! So with a premium/basic Spotify subscription, you also will get a free Hulu subscription. However, the biggest bonus about Spotify that most people seem to not know about, is that it can get you into concerts for next to nothing. This is one of my favorite things about this music platform.

How it works, is Spotify will notify me whenever a band that I listen to a lot is going on tour. They will then send me a special link with a discount to go to any of their concerts! I also will get early access tickets and can choose anywhere I want before anyone else. I actually was able to get tickets to Miranda Lambert for $60 a ticket and sit right next to the stage. Plus, I was able to get access to them two weeks before anyone else could! As an avid concert goer, this one of the coolest things I have had one of my apps do for me. Instead of a concert lineup, it only tells me about my favorites and has it directed specifically towards me.

So before you pay for that next Apple monthly subscription, you may want to seriously think about switching to Spotify.

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