Take A Day Trip To Vegas

Take A Day Trip To Vegas

Las Vegas would have to be one of my all time favorite places to go to. Lucky for me, I live in Arizona, so Vegas is only a short drive or flight away. I tend to go as often as I can because of this. If you ever have a chance to do a small day trip there, I would totally recommend it! It doesn’t even have to be about drinking or partying! But who am I kidding, walking around with a cold cocktail is one of the best things about the place! Here is how you can make your day trip rock!

Find an event

Las Vegas is a huge destination for concerts, shows and other events. If you look into it, I am sure you will find something awesome! My first Vegas day trip was t go see Travis Pastrana do a tribute to Evel Knievel. It was a historical event that I am so glad I was able to be a part of! I even made it on tv when they had it live on the History channel!

My next day trip was to go see the Barrett Jackson car auction. While the one in Vegas is not quite as crazy large as the one in Scottsdale, it was still a lot of fun. Here we had the chance to be right up by the stage and actually watch the cars roll over from bidding! Every car is easily accessible up close too!

Explore the casinos

Now, I am not a big gambler. I may put a dollar or two in a slot over my whole time there, but I don’t like the risk of losing. So instead, I explore the beautiful casinos! For instance, the Bellagio has an ever changing floral display in their indoor garden. Sometimes it features waterfalls or moving creations, but it is truly a sight to see! So far I have seen a greek theme and an ocean theme. This casino also has pretty glass art from Seattle and changing statues with moving decorations. It is a wonderful stroll.

Another one of my favorite hotels to walk around is the Wynn. It is another lxury based one that has a waterfall and pretty architecture inside and outside. Walking down the strip is also another way to see the pretty canals, waterfalls, fountains and art. Then there is the famous chandelier bar in the Cosmopolitan. Simply stunning.

Shopping to die for

Duh! Shopping is a total must in Vegas! Of course there are the average stores at the Fashion Show Mall, but the real treat is all of the luxury and specialty shops in places like Caesars Palace and the Venetian. Whether or not I can actually spend money in here, I love to look at the Chanel purses, Gucci sunglasses, and other designer stores. You can usually grab trendy style inspiration from them.

There are some very unique shops here too! One of the strangest ones to me is always going to be the Hershey store. I had no idea people were that crazy about chocolate, but oh are they ever! There are tons of photo opportunities in here and they even have their own cocktail bar featuring cocktail drinks!

Drinks for daysssss

Yes, drinking is going to be one of the easiest things to do in Vegas, but you have to hit the best spots for the best and most fun drinks! If you like frozen cocktails, Fat Tuesday is delicious. They say this is a “tourist” symbol, but to be honest, I rarely see anyone with one. There is one hidden by Harrah’s that will give you the super tall extra large drinks for only $8.00! Total score!

Then you have the drinking destinations. Who could forget the Ice Bar? You can get furry coats and take shots and drink in the ice. I truly think everyone has to experience this at least once. I mean I had a few strong shots and ate my glass and my best friend had hers keep sliding off the table and across the room. It can be a good time!

Never Ending Food

We have all been on Instagram, and you know that there are some places that you drool over when people post pictures of food. Well, Vegas has a lot of those places! I mean you can buy real gelato and macaroons right in shops at the Venetian. YUM. Then there are places like the Wynn, that serves red velvet pancakes.

One of the best places I have been is a little place hidden in the back of the Wynn named Jardin. It has gorgeous glass decor and is covered in flowers. The best part? It has an amazing desert done by their world renowned chef! It is a flower pot! The chef gets so excited to make it, that she even brings it to you! I honestly think I could’ve ate it all on my own!

See a show

Probably one of the biggest Vegas attractions, besides drinking and gambling, are the crazy shows that they have! You don’t even have to go to an expensive one like Cirque Du Soleil. There are tons of smaller shows that go on in Vegas all the time! Right now there is one called Absinthe that is supposed to be amazing!

On my last day trip I went to see a cheap little show called the Zombie Burlesque. Apparently this show has been around for quite a few years, but it was hilarious! I would totally go back to see it again!

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