Good Eats (May)

Good Eats (May)

As promised, here are the best eats that I found in May! I swear that I will keep up-to-date with the monthly eats! Now that I have finally settled in with my new job, I will be able to explore a lot more and have a lot of free time to share all of my finds! Check out the delicious bites and the one place with good brews!

Delicious Bites

Osaka – Peoria

As you know, I love sushi more than anything. I always find the best sushi joints! Just know, there are a lot I have gone to that were terrible too! Osaka is a delicious one! The chef was super friendly and very quick! My daddy and I ordered 4 long rolls a piece and he whipped them up in no time! The sushi was very fresh and full of flavor! I think this may be one of my new favorite places to go! It also was not expensive at all! The coolest part was that we got a sushi boat!

Headquarters – Peoria

If you are looking for a place to have a quick little bite and a good drink, I recommend going here! Headquarters is like a bar, but serves food too if you are starving. It is actually listed as a cocktail joint online. The outside patio is the best because you can watch people going down the main road. It is right across from the movie theater! The sushi bites are pretty good and they have very yummy appetizers. The drinks are the star of the show though. They have their own version of cinnamon coca-cola and they have huge fishbowls!

Fired Pie – Chain

Now this was not a place where I come from, so to me, this is something new and not a chain! The first time I got the pizza I was at Scottsdale Fashion Square and was trying to find something grubbing. Well luckily I tried here because I ate my whole entire pizza! Similar to Mod, you order your pizza however you would like. They cook it to your choice and you are served a larger sized personal pizza. People kept walking by and drooling over the sight of my pizza and I could not blame them! You have to try it!

Tacos Califa – Surprise

Here is a total whole in the wall place hidden in Surprise. I only know about it because it is right by the house! My boyfriend and I went in here one day because he loves carne asada tacos and was craving them. It is full of folding tables and chairs and almost seems like a little place you would eat at when there is a fair going on. However, the fresh homemade street tacos are TO DIE FOR. You choose the meat, they cook it fresh and the tortillas. You get to decide whatever else you want to put on it. My boyfriend, Jake, goes here after work at least 3 times a week. He is obsessed!

Gordianos – Peoria

This place is what foodie dreams are made of. If you like extra cheesy pizza, then this is where you have to go. I randomly found this place on Yelp and knew I needed to be there. It is famous for the “cheese pull”. If you are unaware of what this glorious monstrosity is, make sure to watch my video below. This pizza will feed about 4 people and is a deep dish, so it is huge! I think everyone needs to eat there at least once!

State 48 Brewery – Surprise

Now the funny thing is I was not really a fan of their brews, but I was a huge fan of their lettuce wrapped tacos. I tried a flight of the brews that they were offering and honestly could not choke them down. However, they did give me light beers and I literally only like dark. So I will have to try that again. The tacos were a surprising choice on the menu, that turned out to be extra yummy! After eating them I wanted like 10 more. They are just too juicy and delicious!

Fun Places

Four Peaks – Tempe

Sadly, I was not a huge fan of Four Peaks. I know that it is a big deal in Arizona, but it was not what I was expecting. This may be because I went to the Tempe location. I would avoid it because it was a dump and in a sketchy area. I sat in the patio and was disappointed that it was dark and not very lit up. However, the brews were pretty darn tasty. The food, not so much, but the beer, yes. I had one of their stouts and actually ordered two large ones! They were very very good. I would be willing to go try their Scottsdale location, just to have another one of their beers.

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