Good Eats (April)

Good Eats (April)

This is quite late, I know, but I have been so busy these last couple of months with my new job and my parents coming to visit, that I haven’t had a chance to even sit down and really blog! Luckily, April and May’s good eats will be posted back to back! So now you will be all up to date on what to eat in Arizona! This post will, as always, include delicious bites and fun places. Enjoy!

Delicious Bites

Federal Pizza – Phoenix

This pizza joint is sort of a hidden little place. It looks like some junky pizza shack on the outside, but the inside is actually pretty fancy! It doesn’t stop there! The menu is a very high-falutin take on pizza. I got the “At Last” pizza, which has goat cheese, broccolini, lemon zest, basil, roasted corn and chilies. I can’t do spicey, so I opted out of the chilies, but I was pleasantly surprised! It was a pretty tasty pizza! It was a half slice that came with your own choice of salad, so I had a fancy one of those as well. The last exciting part was that they do specials on beer and wine! So a pitcher is a must!

Dark Hall Coffee – Phoenix

I really enjoyed this one! It was something I never usually go for, but I have an obsession with hole in the wall little coffee places. (Thanks a lot Seattle). Dark Hall is super hidden back behind a beat down Mexican restaurant and an old abandoned building. It is nextdoor to a tattoo shop. The inside is super tiny and has a couple of indoor and outdoor seats. The reason this was so different for me, is because it was all vegan! This did not scare me though, because I love all good food. The little apple tart treat I ate was quite tasty! The drink was not your typical coffee, as it was made with almond milk and was a lavender coffee! It was quite tasty! They have a crazy amount of milk options and even have specialty drinks for each month!

Ah-So – Peoria

I am a sucker for Japanese steakhouses. These are literally my favorite kinds of places to eat. Osaka is not like the traditional style Japanese Steakhouses and was a little more modern for my taste. However, the food was delicious! I had my usual steak and shrimp and we got a fun chef that cooked a great show! (Yes, it is where they cook in front of you!). My food was cooked to absolute perfection! The only complaint is that I LOVE sprouts and this one did not serve them! The orange sauce was quite yummy, but not quite as good as the orange sauce back in Washington!

Octillo – Phoenix

Downtown is not my first choice when it comes to grabbing food, as it is usually super busy and doesn’t have very much room. However, I took my daddy to this place after I picked him up from the airport. I am so glad that we went! Parking is awful, but you can figure it out if you can parallel park! It is a fancier inside with a minimalistic outside patio. The foods for lunch were a twist on a basic classic. I had a delicious and juicy burger, while my daddy had a reuben sandwich with soup. We both chowed down! May I also recommend their blackberry lemonade, as it was the most refreshing summer drink!

Creekside Restaurant – Sedona

If you like to try something new and fancy, you will love this little place. My boyfriend and I visited here for breakfast one morning and quickly learned that you NEED reservations. We were lucky enough to grab a small table, but the real beauty is outside on their patio balcony. Unfortunately, you need a reservation. The food choices had a few classics, but mainly a lot of fancier eats. I had the eggs benedict with beef brisket, applesauce, slaw and a special cheese sauce. Sounds strange, but was so tasty!

The Windsor – Phoenix

Here’s a funky little gem that I found on Yelp. It is attached to a little strip mall and is very deceiving on the outside. The best part of it is the back patio. The theme is a mix between hipster and rustic. They also have the friendliest staff I have ever met and a super cool wall covered in cassette tapes. The food was delicious also! I had the chicken burger sandwich with coleslaw. This was a perfect summer lunch! It was very fresh. The blackberry lemonade here is also to die for!

Fun Places

Devil’s Advocate – Tempe

Keep in mind that this place is in the heart of Tempe and right by ASU. Hence the name. However, I went on a Saturday and there were very few college kids there! The bar is a fun sunk down style with any drink that you can imagine. They have quite tasty pineapple mimosas. The owners and regulars hangout here and are a hoot! Probably the friendliest people I have ever met and they love to buy shots! LOL. The food was average of a bar, but the atmosphere was an A+ for sure!

Lakeside Bar & Grill – Peoria

Lakeside was a regular spot that I would go to when I lived in Peoria. They have tons of events with dueling pianos, live bands, football parties and even wine and paint nights! Their food is decent and they have quite a few appetizers to choose from, but the atmosphere here is what really would sell me on going. The drinks are cheap and they are always up to something! If you want a fun night out without going to the clubs, this would be the place to be!

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