Good Eats (March)

Good Eats (March)

The newest rendition of good food that I’ve found, in my new home, Arizona. As always, there will be places with delicious food & places that have nice drinks & a cute atmosphere!

Delicious Bites

Uni Sushi – Surprise

My daddy and I are avid sushi lovers, (I’m sure you can tell), so whenever he visits, we have to get some. This place just happened to be by my house, so we decided to try it. The outside worried me a bit, but the sushi here was delicious! It was fresh, tons of flavor and addicting. We each ended up ordering 4 rolls a piece! There are tons of great options. The inside is nice and the servers are friendly. It is just a hole-in-the-wall kind of place hidden in Surprise. If I could go back every day, I would.

Rock Bottom Brewery – Peoria

Yes! Yes! Yes! That is all I truly need to say about this place. I went there with one of my friends after work on day and have been begging to go back. He got a delicious juicy burger and I got the most flavorful fish tacos ever! The best part was that there was extra lettuce on the plate, so when you were done, anything that fell out of your taco was now a taco salad. We also tried a flight of their own handcrafted brews. I would recommend their coffee stout.

(Closed place in Arizona before Easter).

D’Lite – Scottsdale

OMG MY FAVORITE QUICK FOOD. The first time I was introduced to this place was when I was an admin in downtown Phoenix. One of the salesmen bought everyone a drink called the Breakfast Buzz. One sip and I was totally hooked. There is no way to describe this smoothie/shake type drink other than it is pure heaven in a cup. I’m also happy to report that their wraps are insanely delicious. The only downside is that they are only in Arcadia and Scottsdale, but they are totally worth the trip.

Encias Tacos – Phoenix

Now let me tell you, tacos are a big thing down here in Arizona. When you get to certain parts of the city you will notice tons of tacos and mexican food places. Some are actual restaurants and others are food trucks, but they’re all delicious and authentic. That being said, this place was pretty darn great. One of my coworkers took me here for lunch and told me it was the best carne asada. Well, I have to hand it to him, because he was right. It’s super juicy, all homemade and just look at all of that avocado!

NYPD Pizza – All Over Phoenix

This is in fact a chain. However, it is new to me over here in this state. I discovered them one night while scouring DoorDash for something good. Their pizza is a little pricier than most, but I would pay the extra all day. Put it this way, the pizza is so tasty, that I ate  whole medium sized pizza by myself one night. They have tons of options for everyone and you can do just about anything you want. They even have a pizza with tons of differents types of cheese on it. Drooling….

The Grapevine – Scottsdale

This place was pretty neat. The “inside” was meant to feel like a fancy outdoor patio with brick, a fountain and vines. When we got in there, it was hoppin. The whole upstairs was full and there was only a few tables left downstairs. They have a very large variety of foods, from comfort to trendy. I got the pulled pork sandwich and devoured it in a few seconds. This was a total savory comfort meal. They doused the meat in bbq sauce and plopped a big thing of coleslaw on top  and finished it with the bun. So so juicy!

Fun Places

Casablanca Rooftop Lounge – Old Town

This is a great little wine spot! The bar is on the second floor of some shops and has a patio that overlooks the fancier part of Old Town. It has little lights and a sophisticated feel to it. I love it. I have been lucky enough to go there a few times and will continue to go back. The appetizers were not very good, but the atmosphere and wine were divine. It would be the perfect spot to meet and catch-up.

Kazimierz Wine Bar – Old Town

Another fantastic wine bar! This place has to be one of the coolest places I’ve ever been to. It is  speakeasy with hoards of wine. It took me and one of my girls 20 minutes to find the place. My phone kept telling us it was right next to us, but there were no doors. Eventually we found a hidden moss covered door in the back alley. Inside was a dim lit room with barrels of wine. The fondue was not too bad, but the wine selection was a dream come true. It fills up fast though, so get there early! They also have live music!

If you have any recommendations on where to go next, let me know & I will be there!

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