Why Thrifting is Amazing

Why Thrifting is Amazing

I don’t shop second-hand because I need to, but because sometimes, I want to! Thrifting has become a total game changer for me, because I have been able to find designers at next to nothing! Half the time they are brand new with tags on them!!! I would have to say that my favorite thrift store would be Goodwill. I would honestly have to say that there is a lot of good stuff there in the clothing sections, if you dig hard enough.

Back in my little country town in Washington, they added a Goodwill a year or two ago. We would always all joke that it would be full of car parts and beer, but it actually turned out to be full of some high end stuff! It was mainly ladies clothing sold at this location. I managed to find brands like Talbots, Pink VS, Loft, Ann Taylor, Bebe, BCBG, Juicy Couture, White House Black Market and tons more! Some of them even had tags on them. I bought a brand new Bebe cowl neck sweater from there for $10.00. The retail tag said $89.99. It was amazing.

The best part is that they have all sorts of sales due to different tag colors. Certain days the different colored tags go down to 99 cents! These days, I score the most stuff possible. These days are a total hit or miss though, because it’s usually when they only have a few items left at the color. If you check out all the deals though, you will notice that other ones are 50% off! Which can be just as good!

The last time that I visited the Goodwill in my hometown, I made the coolest discovery of all time. I found an authentic Christian Dior jacket. It is ivory with lace details, buttons, lined and has shoulder pads. It is from the early 70’s. There are no retail tags on it, but you can tell it is brand new because the shoulder pads are not even moved out of place. I picked up this bad boy for a whole $7. After research and authenticating it, its’ original retail price was $5,000. This is why you go through all the clothes at least once. I found it on my second look through jackets.

Ariona has even treated me good so far. There is a Goodwill by my house that sells some clothes, not that much. I managed to find a brand new suede Calvin Klein skirt with original tags on it and like new White House Black Market clothing. Second-hand, truly is not always second-hand. I think a lot more people need to realize that stores like Goodwill, actually have brand new items as well. Some people choose to donate their clothes that they never wear, and you can take advantage of it.

The other great thing is that you can find tons of stuff that have come back in trend. For instance, gold metal furniture has started to become super popular again. This was a big trend in the 70’s. Some thrift stores have vintage stuff from the 70’s. You literally never know what you can find. I have even found brand new crafting supplies and decorations with original retail tags. The place can have everything you are looking for, you just have to give it a chance. But, make sure you do a once or twice over on what you buy, because sometimes, it can be too good to be true!

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