I Finally Tried Fab Fit Fun!

I Finally Tried Fab Fit Fun!

So I finally decided to break down and try Fab Fit Fun. As an influencer, I can’t help but try subscription boxes. I mean who doesn’t like to have a bunch of fun stuff shipped to their house?! Especially when it’s girly, fashionable stuff. Now, of course I did the discount code, as I’m sure you are aware that everyone and their mother has the code for $10 off. I purchased one box and realized that I could not customize it or do any add-ons unless I bought a year subscription. (That’s where they get you). Since I had some spare cash and it is only for 4 boxes, (One a season), I paid for the year.

Unfortunately, I ordered my spring box right on the deadline, so I wasn’t able to do any add-ons this time. I was able to have a say in a few things that I wanted though, which I rather enjoyed. It took over a month for my box to arrive, but the box itself was worth the wait! It was adorable! Covered in pink and cacti with flowers. It was artwork and I want to find a way to utilize it. Too cute!

When I opened the box there was a magazine on the top that told you about each item that you got and also gave you tips on how to use them. There were also codes given in the back to get discounts if you decided to purchase things from the different companies themselves. There was also a section that focused on Venus Williams. She was their person of the season! I was excited to see that I had received 7 items in my box. It was wrapped cute and stuffed with shredded paper. Then came my favorite part, opening and playing with all the goodies!

The first thing to catch my eye was the large water bottle. It is a Sip by Swell metal bottle. This particular one can keep things cold for 24 hours and hot up to 12. That’s pretty cool, but I already own tons of water bottles and tumblers, so I didn’t have a use for this. I honestly was very disappointed by the fact that it was plain white. I figured they would at least have given me a fun color or something.

Retail: $20.00

The next item that I took a look at was the floral Show Me Your MuMu robe that I had got to pick out. The watercolor print was gorgeous and there is a beautiful ruffle detail on the robe. MY only complaint is that it’s a little more sheer than I would have liked it to be. However, it is adorable and I have worn it almost every day since getting it!

Retail: $84.00

Then there was a big plastic package I grabbed from the back. This was a daily detox massaging brush from Daily Concepts. Anything with the words “detox” and “massage” and you have me hooked. The purpose of this bad boy is to smooth out your skin and make it radiant. Well, I can tell you it really works. It took all the dead skin off me and felt absolutely wonderful.

Retail: $18.00

Next I was overjoyed to find I had got a Farmacy product in my box! I had always wanted to try out their stuff, as I had seen so many great reviews on them. This product is called Dew it all. It is an eye cream that you use at night. After a few days of use, I am happy to report that this is my favorite product in my box and it works amazingly. My under eyes are gone!

Retail: $38.00

Another skin care product that I received was Dr. Brandt. I was honestly shocked, since it was a full-size product and I know how pricey this stuff is! It is a No More Baggage eye-depuffing gel. From previous experiences, I know that Dr. Brandt products work fantastic. Unfortunately, I already got the Farmacy eye cream and decided to give this one to my mother, as I don’t need it.

Retail: $45.00

Sunglasses were another item that I chose to get in my box. I got these cute Quay Australia cat eye glasses. They even came in a faux leather case to keep them safe. They are adorable! I couldn’t resist when I saw them online, but now after wearing them a few times, I wish I did. They are not as high of quality as I was hoping and don’t fit my face very well. I’m debating on keeping them actually.

Retail: $55.00

I received a hair care product as well. It is a full size bottle of OUAI leave in conditioner. I was a little concerned by the name, until I figured out that it was like a detangler you use after you shower. I was totally worried that it was one of those ones that leaves a waxy residue in your hair. Now I tried this right after I got out of the shower & it was AMAZING! Way better than my It’s a 10 stuff. It came out more like a spray ad made my hair super soft.

Retail: $26

The last item in my box was a Manna Kadar champagne charcoal body scrub. It is a huge container. The product is said to have relaxing sea minerals in it and will polish up your body nicely. It smells very yummy and totally deep scrubs into your skin. It is a little harsh, but I felt like it cleaned me up good!

Retail: $24

Overall I have to say that I am very pleased with the products that I received in my box. I paid $40 and was given all full-size products that retail to a total of $310.00. I went to each of the individual website to check the prices of the products themselves. The only item I was disappointed in was the water bottle and I was a little bummed that I got two eye care products. Other than that, I loved it! This box was filled with everything I needed to relax and have some “Me time”! I can’t wait to start choosing things for my next box, I am very excited for it! I will say that the reviews that say they are great are true! Just remember, if you do not purchase the full year, you won’t have as many options. You also will not get all the items celebrities get unless you get add-ons. These will cost additional fees, but won’t be anywhere near the retail price. I will let you all know how that goes when I get my summer box!

Fab Fit Fun is trying out all sorts of new things though, so I was selected for a pilot program that they are doing. It is a fashion box that they are offering for $20. It is a similar concept to Stitch Fix, but at WAY cheaper prices. It is one of those things though, that if you do not use your $20 towards something, you lose it. I got the box right before my Fab Fit Fun one actually and it was a cute white package. Inside were 5 items personally styled towards me.

There was a cute black twist crop top, layered gold necklace, high waist jeans, off shoulder dress and a cute lace tank top. Everything was great quality, excellent brands and very comfy. It was all cute, but not everything fit as I wanted. This is just how it is to be a woman though. I decided to keep the twist crop top as it was a perfect fit on me and to my clothing collection. It cost $45, so the $20 I paid before went towards that. I shipped back the rest and decided I would give it another try. Nothing bad, but nothing too exciting, so lets see what they come up with next!

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2 thoughts on “I Finally Tried Fab Fit Fun!

  1. This was such a great, honest review of FFF. I had a subscription all last year- and while it was fun to get the products, I ended up cancelling it. I actually regifted a lot of the items (shhh), but I did discover some items I still rebuy to this day too (like vasanti facial cleanser- game changer!). Thanks for sharing, girl!

    1. Totally nothing wrong with re-gifting! Luckily, if I decide something isn’t for me, I do resale on my boutique! Poshmark deff comes in handy for making extra cash! 💕

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