On A Budget? Having Fun Is Cheap!

On A Budget? Having Fun Is Cheap!

There is never a time in life where you should have to sit around and be bored. Even in college, I was going out to events and having fun. You can still go out and do fun stuff without it costing much money.

I did not have a job in college and after paying my bills, (I sold on poshmark) I didn’t have very much money left. So what I would do every day, (and still to this day) is look for upcoming events that I wanted to go to and search until I found an affordable ticket. It is super easy.

A lot of times if you even wait until it gets closer to the event, prices get cheaper. BUT it depends on the event. Sometimes you won’t always be able to go to an event, but at least you did try! At the end of this post I will add a list of research resources that help me.

NFL Football for $45

After scouting on Groupon, I found Seahawks (I’m from Seattle) preseason tickets for $85 a piece. Knowing how expensive normal game tickets are, I was going to buy them. However, I happened to go to Ticketmaster (I wanted to see how much the tickets usually cost) and found them for $45 a piece! Season ticket holders were selling their seats for next to nothing! A lot of times if they can’t make a game, or don’t want to go, they will resell their spot in that game!

College Football for $25;

Football is always expensive, there is no doubt about it. Even as a University of Washington alumni, tickets to football games were not cheap! This time I was able to find tickets on groupon for super cheap! They were going fast! But I’m the end I was able to watch the Dawgs obliterate the Ducks! Wooo!

Aquarium for $20;

I will always love going and seeing sea creatures. It’s fun to see the crazy colors & shapes that they can be! Where I lived the big aquarium is located in Seattle on the pier. That gave me a chance to see other sea creatures like seals! For less than a dinner for two you can go goof around & see some really interesting stuff!

Explore your local campus for FREE;

Go explore your campus or another close by! I visited the Seattle campus & saw the beautiful architecture, hidden gardens & the cutest library nooks. Grab a cheap $2 coffee & go on a little walking adventure around and sight see. I promise there will be some sort of history or beautiful sight that you never even knew about!

Go Hiking for FREE;

Hiking has become one of my most favorite things to do. There are so many beautiful views & gorgeous nature. You don’t have to go to state parks to do it either! I would go online and look at cool places people found & go there! For instance, there’s a waterfall hidden off a main road in a small town out by mine. You park off the road & can go right in! It’s a blast!

Visit a local park for FREE;

There are parks everywhere! You can find them without even looking. A lot of times they are free and have fun little thinks to do. I know that by my house there is one with a baseball river and a field. Another has horse trails & a swing set. You can pack a lunch, toss a football or just relax & enjoy! Sitting by the river reading a book & blogging was one of my favorite things to do every day!

Attend concerts for $15;

We all have different tastes in music, but there is always a concert that you can afford that’s in your genre. I love music, so I have Spotify, Ticketmaster, sound hound, live nation & etc. I get updates when bands or music I like is in town. In fact, my first concert was right out of high school & I was broke getting ready for college. I found tickets to my favorite band for $15 at a little hole in the wall place! It was the coolest experience ever! I still get cheap ones to this day! (Sometimes in the front too!)

Visit the zoo for $30;

I love animals! So going to the local zoo a lot was a must. There are even zoo appreciation days where you can get 1/2 priced tickets. Grab some friends & see the newest additions or cute new babies. Sometimes zoos even do zoo lights, which I would do every year for $15. You got to see some animals & beautiful Christmas lights!

There is no reason to sit at home & hate being a college student. Sometimes it is hard, but if I could get my bachelors, have a part time job (in the summer), run a side business & still had time to enjoy life & spend a little, then I know you can too! Of course there are tons more to do that what I suggested, but please make sure you have the best college experience ever!




Facebook local groups

Google – local events

Your county & city websites



Alltrails App

Instagram – locations & hastags


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