Good Eats (January)

Good Eats (January)

Whenever I look for a place to eat, I always try to find something that will be unique & remembered. Sometimes that can be a specialty item, mouth watering food, or the cutest atmosphere. Of course, this is “good eats”, so I’ve chosen to share the tastiest meals I have had. This includes dinner, breakfast, drinks & treats. At the very bottom I’ll add places that were cute, but weren’t my top choices. If you visit any, please tell me what you thought!

Good Food

Ahi Poki – Paradise Valley

This is one of my now favorite meals to get! I love sushi & had never had a poki bowl in my life. It was not a big thing in Washington. My coworkers begged me to try it & it has become a go to. Truly delicious! You choose what you want & it’s like a sushi salad! This place has the freshest ingredients I have ever tasted & yummy sauces! I’ve never been to the actual place, but Door Dash is how I got it for lunch all the time!

Firebirds – Peoria

If you like steak, this is a MUST! I took my other family (parent’s best friends, like my second parents) to dinner here as a thank for all they’ve done for me. It is a little pricier, but still cheaper than most big steak places! The steak was literally so die for! It melted in my mouth & was so juicy! We also had scallops, which were the most delectable things I have ever ate! They have specialty pineapple drinks that are fruity & delicious as well. It’s a cute rustic atmosphere, so no need to be fancy fancy. This is my top choice this month!

Squid Ink – Peoria

Tasty sushi at super cheap prices! This place has very fresh & tasty sushi pieces. I used to go at least once a week for lunch with one of my friends. It has a nice little outdoor patio with misters for when it gets super hot! It’s right in the middle of town & is a refreshing little bite to eat.

Kneaders – Paradise Valley

This place is a cute & fun little delight! I was originally asked to eat here since I’m a local influencer, but ended up absolutely loving it! It has an adorable farm house/grandmas house feel with tons of pasteries! In fact a group of grannies were all there knitting & enjoying tea & sweets. They have lots of options & I went with a chicken salad croissant. Who knew something so simple couple be so delicious! If you want to feel at home this is the place to go!

El Hefe – Scottsdale

What’s funny about this, is El Hefe is a bar & nightclub. However, one Sunday my friend & decided to go to old town to watch football & have drinks. We stopped here & it turned out to be worth it! The street tacos are amazing! Super juicy & sweet. Mine was chicken with mango salsa. It’s a fantastic place to watch sports on the big screen & relax. I love how they all have open concepts!

Doughbird – Phoenix

If you want comfort food, this is the place to go! Not only is this not the most adorable trendy place on the inside, but it is the best comfort food I’ve gotten in Arizona so far. Every time I go I get the pizza, which is a fresh & comforting one. Not greasy at all. You HAVE to get the Macaroni & cheese if you get anything! I am usually a person that streets clear of it, but whatever magic they put in theirs is pure heaven!

First Watch – Glendale

My boyfriend recommended we go here one morning & said we have to go early! A very very trendy place for locals, so make sure to do reservations. It’s a little breakfast joint. Super tiny location but cute little wooden rustic theme inside. I love having non traditional breakfasts because I’m not a huge breakfast fan. Luckily, they had options that fit me perfect! The portions were very nice too! Delicious great breakfast, will go back!

Fun Finds

Rickety Cricket – Prescott

On a spontaneous trip to Prescott I came across the tavern. This place was a cute old school western looking bar/eatery. I was imediatly drawn to it. Inside was very dark & gloomy & the bar was a bit sad. However, the real hidden treasure was out in the back. It had a outside bar that looked like old hidden rum smuggler place. There was a stage, string lights & the coolest out west feeling seating. The beer was tasty. It’s all home brewed (I like darks). Unfortunately the food had too many spices thrown all over it & killed all of it. But it would be a fun place to have a hand crafted brew & watch a little show!

Farm & Craft – Scottsdale

I was excited to try this place because everyone hyped it up! It is in the heart of Scottsdale by old town. It is mainly an outdoor seating lunch place with a very open concept. An instagramer’s dream for sure. The seating was a little too tiny, but otherwise a very cute place. The drinks have a fresh taste & the food was very light (like wraps). I wasn’t impressed by the food, nor think I’ll be going back anytime soon. But if I’m out boutique shopping in the Summer, I will totally swing by for a cooling watermelon drink! (Plus patio is pup friendly!)

I’ll be back at the end of February with more good eats & fun finds! Do you have any recommendations for me?

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