Volunteering At A Dirt Bike Event

Volunteering At A Dirt Bike Event

Volunteering is one of the best experiences you can have in your life. Plus it looks good on your resume and you will learn new things. Every year I volunteer to help an off road dirt bike club do an event called the Halloween Poksr Run. Then this last year, I got to run it.

What is a poker run? This is an event where you will ride your quad or dirt bike on a course created on ORV land. You will get a punch card. Throughout the course will be 5 check points. At each check point you will stop and draw a card from a bucket. Then they will punch what card you have. At the end of the event you will have gotten a while poker hand full of punches. When it is the end of the event we call out poker hands from the best to worst and people will come up and turn in their hands to get trophies and prizes.

This event is done the weekend before Halloween and always has a huge turn out. I have helped with poker hands and trophies in the past, but this last year I got to be in charge of the whole event! For prizes I went out to Michaels, Walmart, the Dollar Store and the Halloween store. I also went to motorcycle shops to get some stuff as well. Then I went home and stuffed little bags of candy and treats to give out during the event. As well as getting pumpkins for the winners of the costume contest!

The weekend of the event I got up early and helped arrow and set up the course. I helped out with the 50 mile loop. Then on the day of the event I got up super early and decorated everything. I had passed out decorations and costumes for check points and set up a bunch of stuff at the main stage. The 3 Of us ladies that worked sign up we’re nurses. At 7 Am, the first riders came up to sign in.

I directed people to the correct places and gave them the correct forms and took money. I also went over and said hello to other tents set up with people supporting stuff! One of them was a fabulous charity organization that gives off-road wheel chairs to crippled veterans. (I donated a chunk of money). After the event our club actually donated $100 to the charity as well.

When everyone came back from riding we gave out 100 trophy’s and prizes as well as the costume contest. So many people came up and thanked us for the event, saying that it was one of the best events of the year! It turned out that over 300 riders showed up for the event!

So how did I pull this off? I did lots of planning with shopping for prizes, counting out treat bags and stuffing them, getting paperwork filled out and printed with forms ready, flyers passed out and hung up, event info posted all over online, Halloween decor and costumes ready, the dirt bikes ready to set up the course and getting everything cleaned and ready to go. I had a ton of fun with it and all my hard work paid off! The club even paid me for my hard work in the end.

This experience has given me the opportunity to be a leader/manager and pull off an event. Which, in turn this experience has helped with applying for jobs and getting more opportunity.

If you have the chance to volunteer and do some work to help others, I highly suggest doing it!

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