Donate To H&M, Not Goodwill

Donate To H&M, Not Goodwill

A lot of people tell me that they donate their old clothes to Goodwill to help others in need. As much as we would like to believe that’s what it does, it truly does not. A good chunk of hauling employees at Goodwill are actually people doing community service for being penalized by the law. If you notice, that is why they will throw your old belongings around with no care. Then there is also the fact that they will sometimes sell damaged items and even try to sell items at a high price! In my mind, donating means giving, not forcing others to pay.

Now, there is a place that truly DOES give to people in need, and that place is H&M. Sounds funny right? Well most people do not realize that H&M is a company all about helping and conservation. If you bring in old clothes to H&M, they will collect them and ship them out to places that need clothes. The cool part for you? They will give you a 15% off discount to use on any of your H&M purchases. You are limited to donating 4 grocery bags of clothes a day.

No clothes? No problem! H&M takes any fabric material items! They will take old towels, sheets, cloth and even damaged items. The reason for this is because they will use the threads to create new clothes to give to people. They also revitalize their old fabrics to make new pieces to sell.

Along with their fabric and clothing, they also use proceeds and such to build irrigation systems for fresh drinking water in poverty locations in Africa. The company has gone above and beyond in caring. They constantly are donating to those effected by natural disasters and other foundations. Every year they celebrate this by holding an earth day special promotion with donations.

I have about 30 of the discount cards saved up and will continue to donate to get more. As far as other items go, there are always local churches and organizations that love donations of kitchen ware, toys, decor and etc. you can also donate old pillows and stuffed animals to animal shelters.

I simply just bag up each category and once a month I do a donation run and drop off all of my things for others.

So the next time that you decide to donate to Goodwill, stop yourself and remember to go to H&M instead!

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  1. This is AWESOME. First , I had no idea all that behind goodwill- yikes. Thanks for the info. Second- this is just incredible, and I love H & M, so win win. Thank you for sharing, girlfriend!

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