Whenever I look for a place to eat, I always try to find something that will be unique & remembered. Sometimes that can be a specialty item, mouth watering food, or the cutest atmosphere. Check in every month to get the latest scoop!
I think that the best way to live your life, is as an adventure. Every day we should be exploring somewhere new and learning a new fact. Make sure to look here every month to see which trip was my favorite!
Makeup and beauty has become an every day part of my life, as is most girls. However, I am lucky enough to get to test the latest and greatest products! Stay up to date and see my favorite product of the month right here!
Business has always been one of my biggest passions. However, I have had lots of help and guidance along the way to become successful. Keep on top of all my tips and tricks by checking in on my latest one every month!
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